1 Working Group and Committee Guidelines

This defines the guidelines for Bioconductor Working Groups and Committees. Working groups have specific short term goals / deliverables they work toward and then disband. Committees have long-term standing to provide strategic guidance or continued support and structure.

Starting a Working Group or Committee

If you have an idea for a working group or committee that is not currently listed as active or needed, you can either contact or submit a pull request providing Description, Lead, Initial Members, any relevent links, justification for necessity, and initial goals. The Technical Advisory Board and/or Community Advisory Board will review the information and provide any feedback before initilization.


When initilized, it will be determined whether reports of progress should be reported to the Technical Advisory Board, Community Advisory Board, or other. Forward movement on objectives and goals will be expected.

Adding new members

New members to Working Groups or Committees, who are not already members of CAB/TAB/Committees/Working Groups, should be passed through the Code of Conduct committee to make sure there are no issues against them as a final approval. Email the current Chair of the CoC committee and request a CoC check for the new member.

Code of Conduct

Participants will be expected to follow the Bioconductor Code of Conduct.