3 Needed Working Groups / Committees

This is a list of suggested working groups / committees with intended focus. These groups still need a lead to organize and move the project goals forwards. If you are interested in starting one of these listed working groups please contact .

If you have an idea for a working group or committee that is not currently active or listed here, you can either contact or submit a pull requested providing Description, Lead, Initial Members, and any other relevent links.

3.1 Package Build Report Triage

  • Description: This committee would be responsible for reaching out to ERRORing package maintainers to fix their package and identify inactive packages for deprecation. While we have autonotificaiton of failure, many (most) maintainers ignore and are not good about checking the provided build reports. The core team has found that sending personalized emails greatly increases the likelihood of a maintainer to fix the package.
  • Links: https://bioconductor.org/checkResults/
  • Leads: Lori Shepherd
  • Current Members: Johannes Rainer. I need more members! Please if interested please email or slack